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We offer a comprehensive range of physical therapy treatments and pain management options tailored to meet your individual health and wellness goals. At Ruidoso Physical Therapy Clinic, we are committed to providing personalized care and support, ensuring a path to recovery and improved quality of life.


Our approach focuses on restoring strength, mobility, and functionality post-surgery or injury. Through personalized rehabilitation plans, including targeted exercises and manual therapy, we aim to accelerate healing and enhance your overall well-being. Discover how our dedicated physical therapy can support your return to daily activities and optimal health.

Ultrasound Therapy

Unlock the healing power of Ultrasound Therapy in physical therapy, a non-invasive treatment enhancing tissue repair and pain relief. Utilizing sound waves to gently heat and massage deep tissues, this therapy accelerates recovery from soft tissue injuries. Ideal for conditions like tendinitis, muscle strains, and arthritis, Ultrasound Therapy promotes circulation and reduces swelling. 


Experience the innovative TurboSonic Therapy in physical therapy, a revolutionary approach to enhance muscle strength and bone density. This therapy uses vibration technology to stimulate the entire body, improving circulation and flexibility. Particularly beneficial for osteoporosis, joint pain, and muscle toning, TurboSonic Therapy offers a unique and efficient way to boost overall fitness and health.


Discover the innovative pain relief method used by physical therapists: Iontophoresis. This technique delivers anti-inflammatory medication directly to the affected area through the skin using a gentle electrical current, ensuring immediate relief without needles or oral medication. Learn more about this targeted, efficient pain management solution.

Women's Health

Our Women’s Physical Therapy services are expertly tailored for issues like pregnancy, pelvic pain, and osteoporosis. We provide personalized care, including prenatal and postnatal therapies, pelvic floor strengthening, pain management, and bone health strategies. Begin your journey with a detailed evaluation and a custom treatment plan designed to enhance your recovery and well-being. 

Electrical Stimulation

Discover the benefits of Electrical Stimulation Therapy in physical therapy, a cutting-edge treatment designed to enhance recovery and pain management. This technique uses mild electrical currents to stimulate muscle contraction, alleviate pain, and accelerate healing. Ideal for a range of conditions, including muscle injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation, it’s a non-invasive way to boost muscle strength and improve function.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”


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