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What is included in our women's physical therapy program?

At Ruidoso Physical Therapy clinic, our therapists are well-trained and fully equipped to provide the women in our lives with the means to a rapid recovery. We use a wide range of fitness equipment to support strength-building, balance-training and cardio-vascular conditioning throughout our process. Aside from our service in clinic, our patients learn exercises and stretches that they can do at home to assist in a speedy recovery through the hardships of birth and through the recovery process after a mastectomy.



Pregnancy Physical Therapy

Back pain and pelvic pain are common during pregnancy. Therapy includes evaluation of the spine and pelvis, individualized exercise programs and the use of pregnancy belts to support the lower back and abdomen.


Pelvic Pain

Pain in this area is often caused when scar tissue adheres to the pelvic walls or organ – scar tissue that results from gynecological surgeries such as Hysterectomy, C-section or procedures to treat Endometriosis.


Breast Cancer/Mastectomy

Following a mastectomy, scar tissue can restrict a patient’s range of motion in the shoulder, and drain lines in the chest can cause lingering pain. Also, the removal of or damage to lymph nodes can cause ‘lymphedema.



Weight-bearing exercises improve bone strength, and the clinic’s TurboSonic machine has been shown to improve bone density. We also use therapy to achieve corrections in posture, activity modification and rely on specific exercise programs to minimize the risk of fracture.

"Women's health needs to be front and center - it often isn't, but it needs to be."

- Cynthia Nixon

Women's Physical Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our comprehensive Women’s Physical Therapy FAQ section to find answers to your most pressing questions about this effective, non-invasive treatment option. Whether you’re curious about what women’s physical therapy is, what conditions it can treat, or what to expect during a session, our detailed FAQs provide the insights you need. Designed to inform and educate, this section helps you understand the benefits of physical therapy for women and how it can be a key component of your rehabilitation and pain management strategy.

Ultrasound Physical Therapy

Can I schedule Women's Physical Therapy at Ruidoso Physical Therapy Clinic?


YES, call today to schedule your appointment! 

Women’s physical therapy specializes in treating conditions unique to female anatomy and health, including prenatal and postpartum care, pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, and lymphedema management. Our targeted approach addresses both common and complex issues, promoting overall well-being.

Physical therapy during pregnancy focuses on alleviating common discomforts like back pain, sciatica, and pelvic girdle pain. Through safe exercises and manual therapy, we support your body’s changing needs, enhancing comfort and preparing for childbirth.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a specialized treatment aimed at strengthening or relaxing the pelvic floor muscles to address conditions such as incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction. It’s beneficial for women experiencing postpartum recovery, menopause-related changes, or those who have undergone gynecological surgery.

Yes, physical therapy plays a crucial role in postpartum recovery by helping restore abdominal and pelvic floor muscle strength, reducing pain, and addressing diastasis recti. Tailored exercises and guidance ensure a safer and more effective return to pre-pregnancy fitness levels.

For women with osteoporosis, physical therapy offers significant benefits by improving bone density, enhancing balance, reducing the risk of fractures, and teaching safe ways to move and perform daily activities. Our specialized programs focus on building stronger bones and a more resilient body.

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